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Need to Establish Service?

Do you currently have gas service with YCNGA in your name?

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2.   Does your new home have a gas meter?

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3.   Does your new home have a gas service line?

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Still not sure? Send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will contact you regarding your gas service.

*Under normal conditions, York County Natural Gas Authority will extend service lines up to 300 feet for an individual request provided the homeowner installs at least one year-round use appliance (ex. water heater, stove, dryer) or a central heating system (gas pack or central furnace).  If the service line requires directional borings, creek, bridge or railroad crossings, or any other obstacle, then it is not considered a normal service and may require aid-in-construction.  A request may be denied if these obstacles prove to be physically or financially prohibitive.

For any request beyond 300 feet, the homeowner may receive service subject to the payment of aid-in-construction.  Please see our Fee Summary for details.



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