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Current customers can access their account online 24/7 to view a bill, pay a balance, sign up for bank draft, check payment history and more.   Account information is also available by phone 24/7 on our automated line (803) 323-5306.

Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours 8:30am - 5pm by calling (803) 323-5304.  When calling to speak with a customer service representative please understand that federal laws require us to verify the identity of anyone inquiring on a gas account.  By law, we cannot give out balance information (or any other information pertaining to a gas account) to anyone other than the account holder(s) or authorized contact.


You are a current customer if you currently have gas service in your name.


UPdate To quickly update the contact information on your account,click on the UPDATE NOW link.  The information you provide must be on the primary account holder.  Please have your account number, which is located on the upper right corner of your bill, and the last 4 of the account holder's social security number.


Please fill out the Residential Customer Change Form to make the following changes to your account:


Turn Off Your Service

We recommend leaving your gas service on when selling a home as it will need to be on for the home inspection. Customers who do not use gas service year round are encouraged to keep the service on as it will cost less to pay the facility charge than to pay the reconnection fees and deposit. When moving please make sure that the service is taken out of your name.

Change Your Mailing Address

Customers who have changed their mailing address only.

Change Your Gas Rate

See our Gas Rates to determine which rate is best for you. Don't know which gas rate you are currently on? The gas rate is listed on your bill as Preferred Residential or General Residential. If you need help to determine the best rate for you contact Customer Service. We will do an analysis of your account to determine which rate is best for you. Customers may only change their gas rate once in a 12 month period.

Start/Stop/Change Bank Draft

Customers wanting to start or change bank draft service will need to submit a copy of a voided check. If you wish to stop your bank draft service please inform us 7 days before your normal draft date or your account may be drafted.



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