What is the FACT Act?

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACT Act) was passed to set standards for guarding customer information.

How Does The FACT Act Affect You?
YCNGA will make every attempt to verify the identity of anyone requesting information on an account. If the person requesting information is not an account holder, co-account holder or an authorized contact no information will be given out, not even the account balance.

Who is the Account Holder?
The Account Holder is the person or persons whose name(s) appear on a utility account. If there are two account holders, the co-account holders must be married with one account holder serving as the primary and the other secondary. The primary account holder is the person who signs the Service Agreement. Account Holders have full authority to the account except that the secondary account holder does not have authority to remove the primary account holder from the account.

Who is an Authorized Contact?
An Authorized Contact is a person or persons whose name(s) are added to the utility account by an Account Holder. Authorized Contacts have authority to all account information but can make no changes to the account.

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