Natural Gas Rates

Rates are tiered depending on classification and gas usage.  If you use gas year round you may qualify for our BEST rate - Preferrred Residential Rate 10.



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 YCNGA Fee Summary

To start service you may be required to place a deposit.  See our schedule of fees for new service, construction, service calls and payments and reconnects.

       Schedule of Fees


Meter Set Policy

YCNGA owns and controls all natural gas service lines and metering equipment in our territory. Because of costs and other considerations our policy is to remove any meter that has not been used in an 18 month period. To avoid removal of a meter, customers may choose to activate service or pay an annual fee to keep the meter at the location.

Once a meter has been removed a piping inspection will be required (at owner expense) before a meter may be re-installed. YCNGA does not perform inspections but many HVAC contractors in the area do.

Please contact Customer Service at 803.323.5304 for more information.




Residential Customer Information Booklet YCNGA Service Territory
  • Becoming a Customer
  • The Installation of Natural Gas
  • Billing Procedures
  • Payment Terms
  • Account Management
  • Service Calls
  • Termination of Service
  • Reconnection of Service
  • Natural Gas Safety
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